The Power Struggle….

Always for others, rarely for self,
Rather be overlooked and left on the shelf,
Than to put oneself first, to the fore, top of the list,
Well no longer, no more, the time has come to ensure,
It's me who's priority, it's me who progresses,
No weighty loyalty holding me back,
I'm putting my life back on track.

It's not of home life and friendships, that these words describe,
For there I find the strength and the energy, to always be me,
Now I'm taking those strengths and powers outside,
To make decisions and take actions,
To lengthen my stride!

The way you make me feel…

No alarm set, no place to be,

Pull gently on the covers, placing them tightly over me,

It’s not Monday, or any of those other days,

Where something dictates when I get up or where I have to be!


Time is taken, over the simplest of things,

Breakfast enjoyed, not preceded by loud alarms that ring,

What to do?  What to do with the day,

Something, nothing, any choice that comes your way.


There are two days of the week, where no alarms need to be set,

Yet Saturday is the best, no contest, the best yet,

Because Sunday brings about, looming despair,

That the weekend is almost over, but on Saturday you give not a care.


So on this evening, let’s be grateful, that Saturday is with us,

Rejoice in the fact there’s no need to rush, no need to fuss,

Just enjoy the time, doing whatever you wish,

Outdoors, indoors, movies or relishing your favourite dish.


Happy weekend everyone, with all it may bring,

Let your heart be full of love and understanding,

Ready to embrace and enjoy, everything.


Written for Anita....

Impossible to define, in any one way,
Something we aspire to feel,
Yet find difficult to achieve.

The difficulty comes from the fact,
It cannot be purchased or obtained,
In the traditional way.

In order to feel it, we have to understand it,
So that we can share it,
With those that we love.

Too often we find it, without realising,
Only notice when it's gone,
Too late to appreciate,
Often left feeling alone.

When found, hold on tightly,
To the one with whom you can share,
The warmth and comfort of happiness,


Written for Fiona & Keith

The place where love lives,
With the safe haven it gives,
Warmth and laughter,
Ever after,
For all those who reside within.

A new adventure,
With one another,
Memories to be made,
Fun to be had,
In this special place,
You now call home.


It’s that one time of year,

When we cherish all of those we hold dear,

Our loved ones and our lost ones,

Treasured and remembered, often with tears.


The lights and the magic,

Make pretty the world around us,

Which for most of the year,

Can seem so desperate and in need of love.


We take the time to spend with others,

That can often be so hard to do,

In our busy lives and hectic schedules,

Throughout the year.


Putting the gifts and sparkle aside,

We can see what this time of year truly means,

It’s about people and understanding,

Looking ahead and making new dreams.


So as you rush around this festive,

Worrying what to buy and achieve,

The greatest gift to others this Christmas,

Is your love and time, for them to receive.

Festive Feeling

Festive Feeling:
It’s always been a time of year,

That’s been special to me,

The lights, the sparkle and the hope,

Being with those that you hold dear.
As the years have gone by,

In what feels like the blink of an eye,

I’m grateful that the magic for me,

Has only grown and now shines brighter than ever before.
So as the day comes ever closer,

I feel the excitement building all around,

Let me take the time to wish you some magic,

Festive hope and Christmas cheer,

Let your inner child be the present, share your time and your enjoyment.
Merry Christmas to you, and let joy be present in everything that you do.