Begin, love your body

Begin, to live,

Begin, to love,

Begin, to accept,

Begin, from within,

The time is now, not then, or if, or when.

Now.  Begin.

#weightoffmymind #begin



love yourself

Confront those fears, you’ve carried all of these years,

Confront those opinions, you’ve learned no longer matter,

Confront those eyes, who’s reflection rarely flatters,

Confront those tears, you’ve shed too many times.

Believe those truths, you know deep within your heart,

Believe in yourself, don’t tear yourself apart,

Believe in love, starting first with yourself,

Believe in you, for you are most deserving of this.

#weightoffmymind #confront



Don’t you just love, being a tourist for a day,

In your own back yard, merely a few miles away,

Driving those miles, everyone of you, heartfelt smiles,

Don’t you just love, being a tourist for a day.

*Another reflection of our beautiful road trip to Skye today*

#reflections #tourist




The wonder, the absolute wonder of you,

The beauty, feeling completely surrounded in blue,

My soul, revived, feeling brand new,

Heart, full, head, calm, eyes reflecting, blue.

*Reflection of my trip to the Isle of Skye and the magical Fairy Pools today*

#reflections #blue



eye - fade

The colour on her cheeks, may fade,

The words on her lips, may fade,

The look in her eyes, may fade,

The love in her heart, may fade,

The way you treated her? Will remain for the rest of your days.

#50wordschallenge #fade




1 step, 2 step, almost there

3 step, 4 step, don’t you dare

5 step, 6 step, keep on going

7 step, 8 step, fear is growing

9 step, 10 step, what’s that noise?

Should she have taken the staircase at all?

#50wordschallenge #staircase



Internal Debate

internal debate

Anyone else, have the great Internal Debate?

You know the one, where you have lengthy discussions with your inner self conscience,

It’s telling you to do one thing but the other part of you resists with all its might,

Trying to come up with so many reasons, to convince you that it’s the one who’s right.


Trying to find the balance, where you equally placate them both,

Is what I’m currently aiming for, if I can achieve that, then I’ll be happier than most,

Thing is it’s easier said than done, when one always seems more adept than the other,

At convincing me that doing nothing, is the best option causing far less bother.


However what they don’t realise, is that it’s me who has the final decision,

I’m the one with the winning vote, the overall decider,

So my goal for this coming week, is to kick them into touch,

We will all come out the winner and make for a happier mind-set overall.

#weightoffmymind #internaldebate