Hilltop Beauty



You stand so proud,
upon the hilltop,
for all around to see,
we simply marvel,
at your beauty,
you never fail to
make us feel
at ease.
A steady climb,
for us stand there,
alongside you
and share your 
point of view.
You stand so proud,
upon the hilltop,
for all around to see.

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Inner Voice


a - anxiety

I’m in a good place
Oh, you think?
I’m happy
For how long?
I like who I am
I feel confident
Let me try you.

That inner voice,
you know the one,
it picks apart,
every positive,
to silence it,
seems impossible,
it always finds a way,
to be heard.

So, I’ve found a way,
that’s even better
than silence,
I’ve stopped listening,
or giving it any

At least,
I am, today
and I’ll try again,

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a - support

Offering someone support, 
can come in many different ways,
you don’t have to understand, 
what they go through every day.
It can often be enough,
just to listen to what they say,
they may not be looking for solutions,
just someone to tell them it’s okay.
It’s okay to feel the way they do,
it’s okay to struggle and be scared,
tell them you’ll always be there for them,
without assuming they need repaired.

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My Darling


a - my darling

I fear for you, my darling,
the dangers that you face,
I do not think you realise,
the evil in this place.

I beg of you, my darling,
please listen to me now,
run from here, trust my fear,
escape their hold, somehow.

I plead with you, my darling,
can you please just understand,
I’m warning you, what else can I do,
I do not mean to reprimand.

I weep for you, my darling,
that you could not trust me, so,
and now you lay, in your shallow grave,
another victim of their sinister show.

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